Saturday, January 14, 2006

Seven Days Of Rehearsal Makes One Week...

My first week is officially done. I've been here for an entire Genesis cycle. Maybe I should disseminate a bit more info on how I got here et al. If you don't know what happened last fall, you can read up on that here. Anyway, after returning from Montana, I pretty much just did nothing for a month. Allright, I did EXACTLY nothing for a month. And it rocked. So there.
The one thing I did accomplish however, was sending in an application for WDT. That was fully submitted on December 22nd. Rehearsals started on January 7th. That left a grand total of sixteen days for them to review my apllication and get back to me to offer a position, me accept said position, them make travel arrangements, and me actually to travel up there. But since I had nothing better (read: Nothing At All) to do with my life, I was content to wait to hear from them. I just didn't expect to wait until January 2nd. On that day, I was in a car on the way back from Houston. I received a call offering me a position. Obviously I accepted. Now, at that point I knew very little about what I was getting into. I hadn't seen the script or anything. BASICally: if(date<=1/2/06, Eric=clueless). But I didn't care. I proceeded to prepare for my trip, trying to not think about what I didn't know. Then on Friday, the day before I left, I got a call from someone at the theatre telling me that they had just realized that there had been a bit of a lack of communication. They then proceeded to tell me that they had failed to ask me whether I would be willing to play the leading role in the show. Ha. Looks like someone hadn't ever met me. The next day I was here in Portland getting settled in.
So that's how it happened. Thanks for joining us. Next time on Eric's Exciting Exotic Excursions Exposed: Dr. Banks or How I Learned to Ignore the Pain in My Calves and Memorize a Three-and-a-Half Page Monologue In One Day.


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