Thursday, November 03, 2005

Pretentious Poems (4 of ?)

In response to a comment on a previous post, please enjoy:

Be Mine
I lay in fear sometimes
Fear that you won't be mine
Abstract thoughts form in my head
Of you finding someone while I'm away
It feels so real to me
Like I should call you up and
Tell you to wait, I'm coming!
Even though I know you're not even aware
Of my secret plans for the two of us.
And that fear is even mor plain to me.
The fear of offering you my heart only to have you wave it away indifferently
And that's where my struggle arises
Betweeen fear of love scorned
And fear of opportunity lost
I know that I'd regret the latter more
To have never at least taken taken the chance
Having to hide the quiet hurt indside
But it's so hard to lay myself out on the line
Even when I know that most likely I'll be fine
It's a choice between the certainty of pain through apathy,
The easy path to a foreseen bitter end.
And the possibility of pain through decisive action,
The difficult path that may lead to happiness.


At 11/03/2005 10:14 PM, Blogger maÿa said...

i really like this one....

At 11/04/2005 10:26 AM, Blogger maÿa said...

may i show you the one that i wrote.... as though you're reading my mind....
i hope you enjoy it....
love, ÿ

so many heartaches....
so many heartbreaks....
past killed my passion....
and i give no action,
for the persons that i crush....

heart was kidnapped by reason....
numbness rules in my body...
and right now i have nobody...
waiting for a sign of certainty
words that say "i want your touch"

confusion eats my mind
i want you to be mine,
but i wait and wait and wait,
but there is no way
that i would let my emotions fly.

fear is my worst enemy,
because i am with it and not with you,
i depend on what it says, what it does
words won't be spoken,
i just afford my heart more broken
but in silence, i wait for a reply

maÿa cantú

At 11/09/2005 12:25 AM, Anonymous Jacques said...

Great poem, my friend. Hope you're enjoying Montana. Send me your number so I can give you a call:

At 11/11/2005 6:16 PM, Anonymous anonymous said...

I would say that you are a talented poet

At 11/13/2005 9:59 PM, Blogger Eric said...

I would say thank you.


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