Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A break...

As a quick break from the currently running series, I am posting this poem, which I consider a bit better than the others, mostly because it rhymes, and I am as easily impressed by rhymes as are small children and gangsta rap fans.

Give Us Art
Bring forth your woes and lay them out
On the stage for all to see and shout about
Your inner self and how hard you struggle, yell
In our faces, and make us see past the simple shell
Of your styles and fashions and expensive habits
That steal into your soul, see your worth and grab it
And into your pocketbook to do the same
And tell us about how it makes you feel lame
Cause that is art, the essence of relation
Whether it be fear, grief, hope or elation
To express the soul's emotions in a way
That speaks beyond what your mouth can say
And sparks in the hearer what they can't describe
Except as an abstract empathic vibe
So please, keep on in your noble cause
To give spectators good reason for applause
And never fear to spill to us everything
As long as you do it while you sing.


At 11/03/2005 6:22 PM, Anonymous Grammy-sue said...

I like this one because it is true that art can not be explained in mathmatical terms and all that reaches into our souls has power for good or evil.


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