Thursday, November 10, 2005

More Sallying

Well, a little late as my bro-in-law so tactfully pointed out :P but here is the continuing adventures of, well, me presented unabridges in HD and Dolby Digital where available for your viewing pleasure.

I got back to base around four'o'the afternoon, just in time to warm up and go to dinner. They served hot-dogs encased in a substance that was almost, but not entirely, completely unlike bread. Tasty anyway. I'm sittin' there, partaking of this palatal delight, when I hear a girl at the end of the table mention that some of her friends left to go to the Bright Eyes concert but she didn't go because they were kind of going together. At this, I lost all interest in my processed meat tube and immediately interrupted the conversation which hitherto I had been happy just to eavesdrop on. "Bright Eyes concert?!?!??!" I says "Where When How And Why Am I Not There?!" She kindly indulged my outburst and told me the few facts she knew. It's in Missoulla which is two hours away at the University of Montana. That's all she knew. After a brief interaction, we decided that I should go find out the details and return posthaste. I ran to the nearest computadora and searched frantically for concert info. Apparently Bright Eyes does not like people to know about their concerts, as the only spot I found any reference was on I got the details and rushed back to the eatery. Breathlessly I spilled the info that I had found. She sat for a moment looking ponderous, then said, "Let's go." We rushed out once again and went to collect our necessaries, and within five minutes we were in her car on the way to Missoulla. Neither of us had a clue where we were going except that it was South of us. So we called up her friend to get directions on the way. A mostly unevenful car ride ensued, ending with us arriving at U of M just in time for the start of the show. We parked in the first spot we found amd went searching for the right building. We found the theater pretty quickly and went inside, but all was quiet... curious. A friendly man asked us where we were trying to go and then told us that in was in a building a block or two up. So we ran to said building and went inside, but it was all a bunch of classrooms. We ran back outside and found some people, which was a pleasant surprise, and asked them where the concert might be. Their response was to point around the corner of the same building we were in. Lo and behold, thar the concert be. Excitedly we ran inside to purchase tickets, which thankfully were not quite sold out. Then we discover Bright Eyes won't be on for two hours. We spent a little time wandering about and then headed into the theatre to watch one of the opening bands. They were from Scotland, and they were called Sons And Daughters. Halfway interesting, but nothing to blog home about. Finally the stage crew changed the instruments and the lights went down. A woman came out on stage and started plucking at a harp. Beautiful music. But then she started plucking Sunrise, Sunset. And the crowd went wild. And Mr. O'Berst took the stage. And the crowd went wilder. It was a great show. The band is incredible. The only person who didn't play more than one instrument was Conor himself. It was all thoroughly impressive and enjoyable. A great unexpected wrap-up to an unexpectedly eventful Saturday.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Saturday Sallying

I had an interesting Saturday. It snowed here, just a little right as I woke up. But I could look up the mountain and see that there was a lot of snow just up the road. So, snow being a novelty to me, I decided to go sledding somewhere up on the mountain. However, the only people around were SBS students who have an insane amount of work, and none of them wanted to take two hours off to go sled. But the idea was in my head, so I grabbed a sled off the top of a coke machine in the next dorm, tossed it in the back of my pickup, and headed up the mountain. At this point in the story it would be helpful for you to be aware that the fuel gauge in my truck does not work very well (i.e. does not work at all under 1/4 tank). I have tried to remedy this problem by keeping track of miles and gallons, but I lost motivation. Anyway, there I am, driving in 30 degree weather, six miles up a mountain covered in snow when what should occur but the sudden failure of my engine to be fed a continual supply of fuel. And to add to it, I'm on the only flat(ish) stretch of road up there. I get out of my truck and try pushing it, but it will only move further up the road. At that moment my resolve to go sledding actually became totally cemented. I managed to push my truck out of the road, then grab my coat, gloves and sled and started walking. I walked for a little under an hour before a pickup driving by stopped and offered me a lift (previous to this the only pickups that had passed me had found it more intriguing to shout obscenities at me). I gladly hopped into the bed, and he started driving. He took me about 5 miles up to where the snow was real nice. In fact the road was pretty much covered with snow from the point he picked me up on. After a cold ride he pulled to a stop to let me out, and I set off back down the hill, now on my sled. It was possibly the most frightening experience of my life, as I was sledding down a snowy mountain road with frequent twists, and couldn't even hear oncoming cars. It was awesome. But the adventure continues. I got to the end of the snow and started walking again. This time I only walked about fifteen minutes before a truck pulled over and offered to take me al the way back to base. So I hopped in the bed, atop a bunch of leaf-filled garbage bags, and we took off. This man however was undoubtedly a true man of the mountain, as he was not at all afraid to tear down this narrow, twisting dirt road at speeds which I would deem to be significantly less than kosher. Seriously, he was going fifty mph on this already dangerous road, with me perched in the exposed bed. It was cold, and lots of fun. And my truck was still up on the mountain. But this isn't the end of my Saturday adventure. There is another interesting event that happened later in the evening worth relating. But that will wait until tomorrow.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Pretentious Poems (4 of ?)

In response to a comment on a previous post, please enjoy:

Be Mine
I lay in fear sometimes
Fear that you won't be mine
Abstract thoughts form in my head
Of you finding someone while I'm away
It feels so real to me
Like I should call you up and
Tell you to wait, I'm coming!
Even though I know you're not even aware
Of my secret plans for the two of us.
And that fear is even mor plain to me.
The fear of offering you my heart only to have you wave it away indifferently
And that's where my struggle arises
Betweeen fear of love scorned
And fear of opportunity lost
I know that I'd regret the latter more
To have never at least taken taken the chance
Having to hide the quiet hurt indside
But it's so hard to lay myself out on the line
Even when I know that most likely I'll be fine
It's a choice between the certainty of pain through apathy,
The easy path to a foreseen bitter end.
And the possibility of pain through decisive action,
The difficult path that may lead to happiness.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pretentious Poems (3 of ?)

This was originally pretty free-form, and then it was a sonnet, and now finally here it is in a pretty loose format that I'm satisfied with.

Barroom Banter
Empty shells sit atop barstools
Idle chat identifies fools
A smoky haze with origins unclear
Hangs and defines the atmosphere
Clearly it seems to the participants
That all this is far better than reminiscence
Drowning the day in vodka and RedBull
Chugging Bud's until their bladder's are full
And as the liquor is drained shot by shot
Only the designated drivers think that this is not
The best time that anywhere one could find
Can't be beat as a way to relax from the daily grind
But there's a price on every drop of peace of mind

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A break...

As a quick break from the currently running series, I am posting this poem, which I consider a bit better than the others, mostly because it rhymes, and I am as easily impressed by rhymes as are small children and gangsta rap fans.

Give Us Art
Bring forth your woes and lay them out
On the stage for all to see and shout about
Your inner self and how hard you struggle, yell
In our faces, and make us see past the simple shell
Of your styles and fashions and expensive habits
That steal into your soul, see your worth and grab it
And into your pocketbook to do the same
And tell us about how it makes you feel lame
Cause that is art, the essence of relation
Whether it be fear, grief, hope or elation
To express the soul's emotions in a way
That speaks beyond what your mouth can say
And sparks in the hearer what they can't describe
Except as an abstract empathic vibe
So please, keep on in your noble cause
To give spectators good reason for applause
And never fear to spill to us everything
As long as you do it while you sing.

Pretentious Poems (2 of ?)

Another brief poem. Actually two since they're so brief.

Feelings in Pushpins
A heart is sitting on a tack-board across from me, signifying love
Initials on either side identify the interested parties.
It's been there since before I moved in here. Shows how much I use my room.
But I can't help but wonder if that feeling shown there is still mutual, or for that matter,
If it ever was? It could be simple wishful thinking on behalf of the first initials owner,
Just an expression of hidden feelings for the other two letters.
Or maybe not even hidden, but worse, unrequited. Ouch.
That stupid tack-board heart is making me sad.

Emoer Than Thou
You with your spiced chai
With your black hair dye
Can't compete with my
Cappucino, dry
And my sad sad eyes.