Monday, October 31, 2005

Pretentious Poems (1 Of ?)

The first of a series of random writings by me. Some are bad. Some aren't so bad. But they all have my sweat and blood poured into them, so I wouldn't reccommend trying to eat any of them.

My lungs are begging me to allow them liberty to burst forth with sighs and pleas to the sky for you. My brain will not let them have their way, for it reasons that this would be in vain. But my heart will not leave well enough alone and against all logic it fights to find some solace. And so it strikes me to sit and sip coffee while I listen to depressing music. And for some reason, it helps. Maybe it seems like sympathy, listening to someone else express my feelings artfully. Again my brain tells me that this is nonsense, that this recorded music holds no emotions towards me and I'm just being silly. My heart, however, must have the last word and convinces me it doesn't matter. Manufactured sympathy is better after all, than no sympathy at all.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pretentious Prose

Jimmy Carafano inspired this with his beautiful poetic prose. This one is very dear to me.

I call her up and after four rings she picks up. A greeting is murmured from her end, which I don't respond to. Instead I ask her before my courage fails:
"Do you want to get away with me?"
After a moments hesitation she replies, in a slightly wavering voice that betrays a little fear and a lot of disbelief, by saying:
"Where" she says but I know she doesn't care! This is just her test of my sincerity. And I thank the Lord that my heart and mind scream in unison:
"Where? What does it matter where! I don't want you to come because of a destination! I just want YOU to come with ME!" My being screams this. And that's what I need. So in turn my mouth speaks again:
"Anywhere! I've got fifty bucks and a pack of smokes so let's hit the road with you behind me on my red motorcycle and let's ride into tomorrow!"
I stop speaking but my mind qon't quit and shouts:
"Tomorrow? Why stop there! We can keep on going mile by mile with eac other as our only company! Who needs a bed when you have adventure? We can stop at the first small town that strikes our fancy, and find the cross-steepled chapel on Main Street, with the preacher inside just biding his time, as if he was waiting for us, and we will get married! And on and on we'll ride, stopping when and where we please. One night we'll sleep under the trees. The next in the guest room of a mansion whose rich owner took a liking to us when we struck up conversation at a filling station. And surely our adventures will be unceaing, ever increasing! There will be no end to our own fairy-tale!"
And then I stop and wait and wait. I begin to fear that nothing will of this, that she'll just laugh and say that we can't go, we have responsibilites and on and on. My fears keep on building and I can barely contain myself to keep from weeping when there, at the other end of the line her voice speaks once again. I listen closely with every ounce of my heart hanging on the words she'll say, as she says:

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Feeling Poetic

A poem I wrote:

Attn: Lucifer

Look now upon these mortals here
All weak, naive, so full of fear
Easy prey are they who tread upon the Earth

For indeed you thus must see me
O dark one who would deceive me
Blind my eyes with lies, and keep me from the truth

But know that I am not my own
Bought by the Blood which did atone
For my sin within, and actions so uncouth

Beneath this flesh exterior
Spirit of The Superior
Takes my strife, gives life through spiritual rebirth

And although you still may doubt this
And think that by your own prowess
You may switch this which for you holds naught but doom

Even so you this must admit
That your dwelling place in the pit
Holds no light, no plight but that of pain and gloom

And the Tabernacle above
Is so filled with peace and with love
That your hateful fate must bow beneath its mirth yeah. I think that's the first of a three part series, but we'll see. Even if not, I will update with some frequency in the coming days.