Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ok.. so it seems that once I actually have something to write about, I try very hard to put off writing. Seriously, I mean, the last week has been kinda crazy but I have had plenty of time to write. Anyway, enough about not writing and on to writing.
Last monday (9-12-05) very early in the morning (4 am'ish) I sent an email to a man who was in charge of a travelling drama group currently touring through the Northwestern United States. I asked him about their program and told him about my expertise, mentioning that I would like to investigate them for the spring season. He returned my email about three hours later, telling me that they actually needed someone with my qualifications immediately, because they were shorthanded on tour. I was rather excited at this sudden turn of events, and promptly gave him the references which he had requested. The plan was, if he was happy with my references, they would fly me out to Washington on Wednesday or Thursday. So, I went to work and told my boss that he might be receiving a phone call, and explained the situation to him. He was a little dissappointed, but understanding, and was able to fill all of my shifts by the end of the night. Next evening I got another email from the man. He informed me that he was happy with my references, BUT had contacted the group (he was not on the road with them) and been told that they had in the past week gotten their production under control and no longer needed help. Poop. Here I am, disappointed and out of a job. Poo-oop. Well, I figured since I've already quit my job, and have no real attachments, I might as well find something else adventurous to do. As luck would have it, my mother found a YWAM school that specializes in theatre, with a production/school period starting on 9-26. My mother further contacted the director of said theatre department, offering (without my knowledge of course) my services and bragging about me. After a bit of correspondence, dear old Mom decided to tell me about this, figuring that I ought to take over the communique. I was mildly interested, although a bit wary after the first let-down. I contacted the woman to find out more, and basically was offered a position. I mulled this over for a few days while awaiting an application for officializationismizing. When no application came, I contacted the woman again informing her that I had not received an application, and was wondering if I should make travel plans. This was on Saturday. She replied telling me that she would tell me for sure on Sunday by noon. Noon on sunday, sure nuff there is an email telling me to go ahead and come. So this morning, my grandmother and I loaded into her car and took off for Colorado Springs, Colorado, enroute to Lakeside, Montana where I will be staying for the next two months. Okay bye.


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