Saturday, August 27, 2005

Ok. So here's something fun. Just try to stay with me. Let's go.
A typical long-term romantic relationship develops emotionally fairly slowly (I'm not going into the physical aspect, cause I don't care), usually over the course of two years or so. Through this time, the two involved parties go slowly through many phases of intimacy, becoming closer and closer. Near the start, there is pretty much just a mutual interest in getting to know the other person better. Not usually a whole lot of familiarity on either side. Just the desire. That lasts for a very short period of time, a week, or a month maybe. Assuming both parties remain interested, this phase is quickly replaced by a sort of opening of the flood-gates of information. The two players exchange histories, dreams, likes, dislikes, and some of the more basic high level emotional pre-dispositions. This period is also typically short, although slightly longer than the initial phase. By the time this era draws to a close, the people are becoming confidantes, and feeling a higher than average level of intimacy. Somewhere around this time, the rose-garden may begin wilting. Things get a little harder emotionally, perhaps because one or both members are feeling a little wary of the amount of trust being invested. There can be other causes and problems too, but the general point is that things start requiring a little more effort, which will remain true. This dual-sided effort if properly executed leads to an even deeper comraderie. The two begin working through their relationship together. Then they become even more deeply involved in each other's lives, and start working through each other's problems as a couple.
At this point in the lesson, it is important to note that each and every relationship is different, and also that I am by no means an expert, but am simply offering my thoughts based on experiences and observation. These things could happen in a slightly different order, etc. but I think the general theme and flow holds true for the majority. End disclaimer.
By now the couple is quite intimate, and are sharing much deeper emotional thoughts and bonds. The very core of each person is slowly starting to show through necessity and, hopefully, from the desire to share. This is both from a deep desire to have someone understand, and as a gesture of trust. This point in a relationship will generally take much longer to arrive at as well as progress through. This may be eight months to a year, possibly slightly shorter or quite a bit longer. Now I'm going to make an assumption that this relationship is not going to end in happily-ever-after. We're at a year, and we'll say that it ends at two years. So our couple is quite emotionally intimate. At this point we'll say that trust has not been built quite right. Each partner is slightly suspicious, perhaps very deep down, of the other's motives and maybe actions. Things can still continue fairly well for a while, but little things slowly eat away at the base of the relationship. Arguements become more frequent, or at least mor derisive, and leave more bitterness. Slowly, the initmacy falls apart. The trust is no longer there, but knowledge still is. Therefore the people start desiring to be apart. Far apart. And the relationship ends.
Now imagine ALL of that in five days. Trippy huh? Hehe. Okay bye.
Wait. I'm still here. If you are still trying to figure out where that came from, please dont worry about it. There is literally only one person in the entire world besides me who knows w hat inspired this. And that person is Greg. So if you're not Greg, don't worry. I just wrote this 'cause it was in my head. And now for something completely different. (Please refer to the previous post for disclaimer on ramblings. They are just that, ramblings.)
Can't count on them. Nope. Can't trust them. CAN'T COUNT ON THEM! Mustn't let yourself slip. Hold on tight. Nobody else will help you. So count on yourself. Why doesn't anyone like me? I don't even like me! This can't be good... w hat? W hat was that? Where did that come from? Just go through the door. Now run. Go go go. Running the marathon. Keep going. Until you finish. Win at all costs. Bribe, cheat, lie. W hatever it takes. Do it, because nothing else matters. This is the most important part. This is the most imported part. Pier One. Overpriced overstuffed chairs. Run through there screaming about the monkeys. Just do it to see w hat happens. Gotta keep things interesting. Otherwise they're boring. Like this. Very boring. Very, very tired. Gonna fall...

Thursday, August 25, 2005

So, first real entry back. I am now an official college-drop-out ("So how does it feel?" "Niiiiice...") . I really don't like school, and am pretty certain that the feeling is completely mutual, so our relationship has, for now, come to it's natural end. Started working at an awesome local coffee-shop, which is a blast. The fact that I'm actually working astounds me, and that's not to mention everyone who has ever known me. But it's going well so far. I am apparently something of a milk-frothing prodigy, although I fear it may be mostly beginner's luck. We shall see. Or at least I shall see. W hat ever. If you live in the area and haven't been there, stop by the coffee-house formerly known as Jamocha. I'll make you a cappucino if I'm on. And if you're lucky. But either way, the place rocks.
I also recently bought myself a motorbikle. Still kinda working on it. Just a little tweaking and polishing. Detailing and the like. I'll be satisifed once the engine works. For the curious, it's an '81 Suzuki GN400. Once operational, it shall hopefully be my chief means of conveyance. An interesting side-effect of the motorbikle purchase is my discovery that I look freakin' awesome in a Harley jacket. Yessss...
Now for some random late-night ramblings. Hopefully random enough to make you say "W hat is Eric smoking? Crakc? Hash? Just plain ol' wacky tabaccy? Pocket lint?" Without further ado (exceptin this paranthetical statement, a following colon, a paragraph break and an indentation for formatting purposes):
We were pretty much dead. That was an utter certainty. But I'm cynical. I found it too hard to accept this obvious truth. Despite the overwhelming evidence, I figured that something would get messed up and we would end up being let down once again by these trusted certainties. You can always count on fate to intervene and screw everything up. Damn the universe's sense of irony! Right at the very point where I almost gave in to believing that the very thing that was obviously going to happen was actually going to happen, right then was the exact moment that my cynicism was confirmed yet again. Stupid, unpredictable life. You can always count on it to do the opposite of w hat you expect. Unless of course that's the very thing you expect. W hat a bunch of rubbish. And rubbish should always be placed directly in the nearest rubbish receptacle. When I'm a billionaire, I'm going to label everything in my house with absurd labels, like rubbish receptacle, or defecation depository. Oh, and my defecation depository will totally be made out of glass. Or crystal. Yeah, crystal. After all, I'm a billionaire. I shouldn't have to settle for anything less than Swarovski to accept my digestive by-products. Or maybe I'll have an outhouse inside of the bathroom. Outhouses are totally underrated. I used one in Mongolia, and it was highly entertaining. But it didn't have the crescent moon cut in the door. Maybe it's cause they never see the moon in Northern Mongolia. I mean, their sun doesn't set until stinkin' midnight-thirty in the summer. And then like an hour later it pops right back up, like the setting was just some elavorate cosmic joke that it's pulling everyday, and nobody thinks it's funny. That's probably why reindeer can fly, you know, living their whole lives up there like that. They just go utterly insane from our friendly neighborhood star's stupid antics, and eventually just start thinking "Hey, I'll bet I can fly!" And then, much to the chagrin of Sir Newton, they do. That's bound to extend directly to Santa as well. "Hey, if reindeer can fly, then why can't I carefully evaluate every child on the face of the planet based on their yearly behavior record, check my analysis twice and then deliver presents to all those whom I have rather subjectively labeled 'good' in a single night?" And even worse his night is only like an hour long! For pete's sake! That man must be absolutely out of his skull with insanity to be able to pull that off. Freakin' fusion powered glowing thing in the sky... You're nothing but a hooligan you know that? They say you're a young star too. A juvenile offender. But I think you should be tried as an adult. Punishment should fit the crime, not pander to the offender. Stupid legal system in this country. Prosecute everyone the same! Just like good Mr. Claus, you guys are all a bunch of subjectively grading nincompoops. This is tyranny! It's all up to your whim and fancy w hat happens. Seriously, let's just get a magic eight-ball to do the sentencing. Or just use a real eight-ball to carry out all sentencing. That would probably be immensely satisfying to the type who chooses to become a prison-guard in the first place. Really it's win-win for everyone. Yes, that includes you Jeremy Enigk.

So I return from a nearly three-year hiatus. I can't believe this thing still exists. Meh, it'll probably peter out again, but it's worth a shot. Hello again Blog. I hope that we can become close friends. Maybe, you know, take our relationship to the next level. If you know w hat I'm saying. Oh and from now on I am going to refer to the general complement and querying article as w hat. Because hats are funnier than words. Bye.