Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Road, The Racquet, and The Retard

Well folks, here I am in Sunny Carlsbad California (the Sunny isn't actually part of the official name) in a gorgeous double wide townhouse overlooking the ocean that me and the other four guys on the the team have completely to ourselves. With food. And a car. Oh and a sauna, and featherbeds, and three huge plasma screens, and surfboards and boogieboards, and bikes, and a firepit, and a jacuuzi. Also the coolest shower I've ever used. For free. I love my job. We have three weeks left on tour, and only nine shows left. I have to admit I'll miss getting all these sweet hookups.
Another example of awesome hospitality recently was in Sacramento. We were not even performing there, but our host family got us guest passes to a racquetball club with weights, a steamroom, etc. and told us that after we were done working out they had steak for us. It was pretty much the best thing to hear after being in a car for twelve hours. So we quickly changed into some gym clothes and headed over to the club. I really wanted to play racquetball, so Clay and I played a quick game which he handily destroyed me in. Then he and Johnny played a couple of games while I got on a treadmill for a mile. I was feeling pretty good, and went down and played another game with Clay. Again, he won, and not by a small margin. I was getting pretty tired and decided to go soak in the steamroom for a while, but Clay convinced me to play one more game. I did much better. The score was 17 to 15, with Clay winning. We were having some pretty good rallies and it was getting intense. Clay served up the ball, and I returned it. He answered with a pretty fast hit. As I scrambled to get to the ball, he scrammbled to get out of the way. Well, somewhere in all this, Clay's racquet started to feel left out, and decided to do some scrambling action of its own. On my face. Well more precisely, on my teeth. My top two front teeth got broken real nice. In Sacramento California. It didn't hurt as much as I imagined it would. But it did hurt. Anyway, after much frantic phone calling (thanks Cinco!) , it was determined that I could wait at least until the morning to get anything done. After more frantic phone calling (Cinco again!) I managed to find a dentist who was willing to come in on Saturday morning at 7:30 AM to temporarily fix my teeth. After the procedure was finished and I had temporary caps on, along with an order to get two root canals and permanent crowns, we promptly hit the road for an eight hour drive to Murrieta, south of LA. In Murrieta I managed to get an appointment with a doctor who is apparently one of the very best aesthetic dentists in the nation. So yesterday, while most of my compatriates (excluding Brandon, thanks!) were at the beach, I was laughing my way through two root canals. Seriously, the doctor had to stop halfway through, look at me sternly and say "I've never had anyone laugh during a root canal before." And my permanent crowns, which normally take at least ten days to make are going to be ready Monday, so I can go to Idaho on Tuesday. I'm still pretty much just wowed by the way God has provided through this whole crazy thing. Even down to posh accomodations for my root canal recovery. Okay, so for now, bye. And here is a pic of toothless Eric.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Oh hey, look. Eric's alive! And he has a girlfriend!

And pictures to prove both points! Seriously, back in Portland for a few days off after being on the road. My parents came all the way up to Seattle this past weekend just to see my show, and my father took an obscene number of pictures which you can find right here. Also, for your viewing pleasure, a picture of Amy (my girlfriend (who's 26)) with her natural hair color (which is so gorgeous the pictures don't do it justice (oh,she had to dye black because she plays an asian in the show)) is presented here, as well as a pic of the two of us, with me looking more than just a little goofy. Anyway, I'm having an awesome time on tour. It's interesting doing a show so many times. I'm learning tons, and it rocks. I'll be going through May, and coming back to Ol' El Paseo on May 16th. Also, I'm gonna be in San Diego over Easter weekend! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t! w00t!w00t! w00t! w0, oh hallo Amy!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

An Actor's Life For Me...

So on Friday we had a team fun night. So far, we've gone to coffee shops, and a nickel arcade for our fun nights, but this time we went to a local improv show called Comedy Sportz. It rocked. There were two teams of three people each who played improv games against each other for our enjoyment. All of the players were very talented, and the show was utterly hilarious. Oh, and one of the guys was named Mike Myers. Yeah. Seriously. And he was way funny. Anyway, this is sort of an "interactive" club, where they take suggestions from the audience for certain things. They also have a volunteer round where they ask for a volunteer from the audience to do something in their game. For instance, for a game called "Waiter, There's A Blank In My Soup" they had a man (who was actually kinda drunk and annoying) sit on stage and say the title line with the Blank replaced by an audience suggestion. The players take turns responding with cheesy jokes. Also they had one where two volunteers stood on stage, and the players acted out a scene based on audience suggestions. At various points through the scene they would pause halfway through a sentence and have one of their volunteers give them a word or phrase to complete their sentence, and then build from there. Some fun easy ways to get the audience a little more involved.
Now I'm sure you're thinking to yourself "Self, why is Eric telling me all this? He doesn't usually talk about anything that doesn't completely center around him." Well, there is a good answer to that question. And it is as follows. The examples I gave you of the volunteer games were pretty low stress for the volunteers. However, the first time they asked for a volunteer it was for a game called "Shakespeare Suggested" and it involved the players taking a suggestion from the audience and making a Shakespearean scene out of it. Me, being the fairly unattentive person that I am, did not hear anything about Shakespeare before they asked for volunteers. Therefore I was a bit curious when, after shooting my hand up as quickly as I could, the rest of the audience's hands remained down. The emcee, or referee, called me up to the stage since I was his only option. I got up, was introduced to the team I was playing with, and then given a brief briefing by the team captain, in which he basically told me that all I really had to do was stand there and they would do the rest. He also added that I could talk if I wanted to, but I really didn't have to. That was his first mistake, poor unsuspecting fool. While this information was being given to me, the referee had gotten a suggestion for a Shakespearean title. It was "The Last Kickboxer." Somebody in the audience obviously had very little literary background.So the game began, and two of the players hopped right up on stage and started waxing eloquently on the lack of kickboxers in the land. The last team member then dragged me up on stage. That was his second mistake. I promptly surprised them by actually opening my mouth, and improving right along with them, much to the audiences delight (they were eating from the palm of my hand). We made it through a rather hilarious scene, with quite a few memorable lines, although only one or two by me, and I was then awarded a gift certificate for being "No ordinary ham." After the show, the players all came up and thanked me for playing with them. All in all it was a very fun night.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Seven Days Of Rehearsal Makes One Week...

My first week is officially done. I've been here for an entire Genesis cycle. Maybe I should disseminate a bit more info on how I got here et al. If you don't know what happened last fall, you can read up on that here. Anyway, after returning from Montana, I pretty much just did nothing for a month. Allright, I did EXACTLY nothing for a month. And it rocked. So there.
The one thing I did accomplish however, was sending in an application for WDT. That was fully submitted on December 22nd. Rehearsals started on January 7th. That left a grand total of sixteen days for them to review my apllication and get back to me to offer a position, me accept said position, them make travel arrangements, and me actually to travel up there. But since I had nothing better (read: Nothing At All) to do with my life, I was content to wait to hear from them. I just didn't expect to wait until January 2nd. On that day, I was in a car on the way back from Houston. I received a call offering me a position. Obviously I accepted. Now, at that point I knew very little about what I was getting into. I hadn't seen the script or anything. BASICally: if(date<=1/2/06, Eric=clueless). But I didn't care. I proceeded to prepare for my trip, trying to not think about what I didn't know. Then on Friday, the day before I left, I got a call from someone at the theatre telling me that they had just realized that there had been a bit of a lack of communication. They then proceeded to tell me that they had failed to ask me whether I would be willing to play the leading role in the show. Ha. Looks like someone hadn't ever met me. The next day I was here in Portland getting settled in.
So that's how it happened. Thanks for joining us. Next time on Eric's Exciting Exotic Excursions Exposed: Dr. Banks or How I Learned to Ignore the Pain in My Calves and Memorize a Three-and-a-Half Page Monologue In One Day.

Monday, January 09, 2006

I'm Going To Just Pretend That My Last Post WASN'T Nearly Two Months Ago

So, I got the position with Wycilffe Dinner Theatre. For those of you not in the know, this means that I am now in Portland, OR rehearsing a play that we will soon be taking on tour throughout the northwest until May. The play is entitled Sunong. I have the awesome opportunity to play Sunong. If you're curious for more details, you can find out a bunch of stuff about the tour and the play at Allright Bye.